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VR-21 Vibrating Rod - Point Level Switch

VR-21 Vibrating Rod - Point Level Switch

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The VR-21 is BinMaster’s standard piezoelectric driven vibration type point level switch, which has an insertion length of 7.37 inches. Its unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade prevents bridging of material, making it superior to typical “tuning fork” designs by allowing material to easily flow by, preventing build up on the blade. It is suitable for both top and side mount applications and is ideal for a wide variety of dry and bulk powder materials including extremely light, fluffy materials. The VR-21 has optional hazardous location approvals to CSA standards for Class II, Division I, Groups E, F, and G in the US and Canada

It features three sensitivity adjustments – high for light and fluffy materials, medium, and low for heavier materials or materials that may tend to cling to the vibrating rod. It is easy to install, mounting to the vessel via a standard 1-1/2 inch NPT mounting socket and requires no calibration. Features include a self-cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low fail-safe, and an auto sensing power supply which can accommodate 20 – 250 volts AC/DC.

Optional, set of remote electronics for all VR series vibrating rods includes enclosure with mounting plate, terminal PCB and up to 20’ of cable to connect remote electronics.  This is ideal for applications where the bin/silo experiences high vibration.